Office of Post Pandemic Opportunities

Since March of last year, we have experienced a pandemic unlike any other. It has taken a financial, mental, and emotional toll on our region, state, and country. That is not to mention the horrible loss of life we have suffered throughout this time as well. With many now out of work or in tough … Continue reading Office of Post Pandemic Opportunities

American Rescue Plan Funding

Below is the Governor's statement on the federal funds that have been allocated to the State of Maryland from the American Rescue Plan Act. You can read the full details below and watch the brief press conference as well. The major components of the bipartisan agreement to provide targeted relief are: $1.1 billion in … Continue reading American Rescue Plan Funding

Western Maryland Delegation

On Friday March 12, the Western Maryland Delegation discussed the unemployment and impact of COVID-19 in the region. Unemployment claims have skyrocketed since the pandemic began in 2020. With that there has been over $10.3 billion given out in both state and federal benefits. Unfortunately, there has been some fraudsters including out-of-state claims and in-state … Continue reading Western Maryland Delegation

The American Rescue Plan Act

With the passing of the American Rescue Plan Act, Senator Ben Cardin's office has passed on to our office (and others) the State and Local Guide. It is included below and gives detail to the amount money being allocated to jurisdictions, funds, grants, vaccine distribution, and many other things. Allegany and Washington Counties themselves are … Continue reading The American Rescue Plan Act

Cross Program Eligibility on Coronavirus Relief

Small businesses have been struggling throughout this entire time, however the Small Business Administration does have three categories your small business may be eligible for Coronavirus Relief. The three categories are: PPP Recipient, Shuttered Venue Operators Grant Recipient, and COVID-19 EIDL Recipient. The site explains what the qualifications are for each. Below we have attached … Continue reading Cross Program Eligibility on Coronavirus Relief

HB 443 – Economic Development – Makerspace Initiative Pilot Program

This past Thursday, we held a hearing on HB 443. This is a bill I sponsored in an effort to help establish makerspaces across the state. This would be a place where groups of people with similar ideas can come together to start businesses, for the community to come together, and for people to interact. … Continue reading HB 443 – Economic Development – Makerspace Initiative Pilot Program