Town of Hancock Gets Revitalization Grant

Recently, Mayor Tim Smith and the Town Council of Hancock announced the Town of Hancock’s Revitalization and Business Develop Grant Program’s eight awardees. This program’s goal is to improve and maintain properties Across the town. This will thus expand economic needs in the community. The Money for this was allocated from the General Assembly during this past session.

During the pandemic the town and it’s businesses were severely impacted, but with the money brought in by this grant, there will be important financial assistance. The following are the recipients of the grant:

  • Sidling Hill Financial
  • Willie’s Primitive Attic and Flower Shop
  • Triangle Restaurant
  • Flannel on the Trail
  • Shive’s 2 Pizza, LLC
  • Crazy Rayz
  • Hancock Realty Holdings
  • Keep the Ball Rolling, LLC

Mayor Tim Smith is quoted as saying, “We are excited to be able to help new and existing businesses in Hancock.  As a result of smart investments by the Town, we are able to invest in our growing business community.  With this grant program, in combination with our proposed urban renewal plan, we can dramatically enhance and grow our downtown area.”

This next session I will continue to bring in more financial assistance for our community, especially the Town of Hancock.