Republican Caucus Mission Statement

Yesterday was the first day of the 2022 Session. The Republican Legislative Caucus passed a mission statement that stated the following: "The members of the House Republican Caucus represent millions of Marylanders across this state. We have an obligation to the people we are elected to represent, and to all Marylanders, to advocate for policies … Continue reading Republican Caucus Mission Statement

American Rescue Plan Funding

Below is the Governor's statement on the federal funds that have been allocated to the State of Maryland from the American Rescue Plan Act. You can read the full details below and watch the brief press conference as well. The major components of the bipartisan agreement to provide targeted relief are: $1.1 billion in … Continue reading American Rescue Plan Funding

HB 368: Task Force on Oral Health in Maryland

As your self-proclaimed "Dental Delegate" I am happy to inform you that the House of Delegates just passed HB 368 nearly unanimously. This bill is intended to study access to dental services for all State residents. Specifically it will focus on socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, age and disabilities, identify areas lacking in services, identify barriers … Continue reading HB 368: Task Force on Oral Health in Maryland