Joint Statement for the Boost Program

March 31, 2022



Megan Miller, Communications Director                                 Carrie Simons-Sparrow, Chief of Staff                                           
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House and Senate Republican Leadership Issue Statement on
Successful Outcome for BOOST in Budget Conference Committee

Annapolis, Md – Today, Senate Minority Leader Steve Hershey, Senate Minority Whip Justin Ready, House Minority Leader Jason Buckel and House Minority Whip Jesse Pippy released the following statement after the Budget Conference Committee’s vote to protect the BOOST Program.

At the conclusion of the Conference Committee, the BOOST Program will receive $11.5 million in FY24, with $9 million going to scholarships and $2.5 million available to participating schools for safety, textbooks, nurses and other school health expenses. This reflects another $1.5 million in funding the program. Additionally, language that would have phased-out the BOOST Program has been removed.

Following this afternoon’s Conference Committee vote, the Budget must be approved by both the House and the Senate before it receives final passage. A final vote is expected Monday evening.

“Today is a great day for students and families in the BOOST Program. We applaud the Budget Conference Committee for following the Senate’s lead and making the program more accessible and increasing the overall funding to $11.5 million for FY24.  This means that BOOST scholarships will continue, and 3,200 Maryland children will be able to stay in their schools and thrive for the long term.

We are grateful to the BOOST families who have told their stories and fought for this program, as well as members of the Senate and House Republican Caucuses who have made this issue one of the top three priority issues of this Session.

Today’s compromise is an example of how we can work across the aisle and use all of the tools available to us to negotiate and do what’s best for Maryland’s students and families.”