2020 Session Update – Week 3

I took this week\’s video update on the road and stopped by Meals and Memories in Clear Spring on my way home to Cumberland to have a quick bite and chat about the week\’s events with owner, Brian Grosh. This week I talk about some briefings in the House Appropriations Committee, the new Transit Caucus and a few updates on my bills. Thanks for watching!


This year the Senate\’s Budget & Taxation Committee will work on the budget first, so in the meantime, me and my colleagues on the House Appropriations Committee are given a variety of briefings on topics that will be coming up in the budget and throughout the Session. These are helpful and provide a lot of great background information to legislators. This week we heard more about the fiscal health of the State and also started hearing testimony on new school construction bills. I support school construction, but I feel that it\’s important to ensure that maintenance money is also worked into the plan so local school systems can keep-up these new facilities.

New Transit Caucus

This session I joined the newly created Transit Caucus that has brought together legislators from both houses and parties to advocate for transit projects throughout the State. I joined this caucus so I could stay up-to-date on proposals to bring rail services through Hagerstown to Hancock (W.Va.) and ensure that Western Maryland was part of the conversation. I\’ll share more as this proposal develops. 

Delegate Seeks MARC study for Washington County