I invite you to learn more about the legislation I've sponsored as well as my "third-reader" or final floor votes on every bill that has come to the floor.

Sponsored Legislation

Follow the links below to view the bills I have sponsored or co-sponsored during each Session I have served in the General Assembly.

2024 Legislative Session

2023 Legislative Session

2022 Legislative Session

2021 Legislative Session

2020 Legislative Session
2019 Legislative Session
2018 Legislative Session
2017 Legislative Session
2016 Legislative Session
2015 Legislative Session

Third Reader Votes

A "third reader" vote is the final vote that is taken on a bill in the House. Each bill receives three readings on the floor in each chamber before it becomes law. The first reading is when the bill is introduced and referred to the appropriate committee. The second reading is when a bill comes back to the floor after being amended and passed out of its respective committee (not all bills get this far). This is also when the bill can be amended on the floor by all members of the chamber. The third reading for "final passage" is when the final version of the bill with all amendments is voted on before making its way to the Senate, or the Governor if the bill started out in the Senate. Click here for more details on Maryland's legislative process.

As your elected representative, I believe in transparency and letting my constituents know how I vote on every bill that comes to the Senate floor.

2024 Third Reader Votes

2023 Third Reader Votes

2022 Third Reader Votes

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2019 Third Reader Votes
2018 Third Reader Votes
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