Baltimore City Crime is a Maryland Issue

In Western Maryland, we celebrate and enjoy small town life, and the issues that affect our urban and suburban neighbors can seem far away. When it comes to the violent crime crisis in Baltimore City, it’s easy to ask, “why should I care?”

Every Marylander should care. We all have a stake in Baltimore. Every taxpayer has made a significant investment in Baltimore City and we have received abysmal returns. Instead of news of improving schools and economic stability, every day we learn about more violence and corruption. 

Nearly 350 people were murdered last year. Families are living in fear. Police officers are being beaten. People are afraid to come into the city. Violent crime is spreading into neighboring jurisdictions. 

This is unacceptable, and it seems as though nothing is being done.

State leaders have been told to butt-out and leave Baltimore to Baltimore. I say to them, your time is up. 

I was proud to partner with Governor Hogan and my fellow Republican lawmakers to introduce multiple measures to combat and prevent violent crime in Baltimore and across the state. We are focused on keeping violent criminals off the streets, creating tougher penalties for gun theft and using guns to commit crimes, victims’ rights and increased transparency in the judicial process. 

I encourage my colleagues from across the aisle to be people of action and not stand idly by while more lives are lost. 

Enough is enough.