Standing for Israel

Dear Friends,

In the world there is no greater ally or friend to the United States of America than Israel. It is the lone democratic and free country in the Middle East and the one country to which the United States can always rely on. Many Americans see Israelis as brethren because of our shared religious values and political systems. So when the terrorist organization of Hamas and Hezbollah attacked Israel on October 7th, I was shocked and disgusted by what has come out over the past few weeks. As such I feel it necessary to express my feelings on the matter and let you know where I stand.

I am a devout Christian and as such I support my Jewish brothers and sisters against the antisemitic hatred that continues to be thrown at them. The Jewish people are after all, God’s Chosen People and He will not abandon them in their time of need. I stand with Israel as they defend themselves from evil’s attacks and I pray that they succeed in their fight. Evil must always be defeated no matter where it comes from.

While it is refreshing and good to hear the vast majority of Americans voice and show their support for Israel and our Jewish brethren, it is deeply disturbing to see and hear swaths of antisemitic rhetoric all across this nation. From members of Congress, to members of the media, to people on the streets, hate towards Jews and Israel (as well as our own nation itself) is a full on disgrace and has no place in our society! Sadly, while we have seen people condemn what is said, there is little action taken to prevent the pro-terrorist threats upon Jews in our country.

At UCLA, in Washington, DC, other universities, and many other cities, people have come out calling for genocide of Jews and supporting Hamas and Hezbollah. They call for violence and have acted on it and yet little has been done. In a demonstration in Washington, DC over the weekend, 300,000 people came out defacing statues and called for the destruction of Israel and the Jews. People attacked the fence at the White House and scaled it. Yet it was reported only ONE person was arrested. This is absurd and ridiculous! Where is America’s backbone and leadership against this? It is lost without true leadership against this.

I believe that we must be the leaders and backbone that the people are supposed to be! We must stand against this evil and stand for good. Americans stand for good, and Israel and our Jewish brethren are on that side of this fight.

I stand with Israel and my Jewish brothers and sisters. I encourage and hope you do the same.

Thank you all and God bless.


Mike McKay
Senator, District 1
Representing the Appalachia Region of Maryland
Garrett, Allegany, and Washington Counties