Approved Funding in Appalachia Maryland

The Board of Public Works has approved funding for our district and as such I am pleased to inform you all of what is being funded.

Starting with Garrett County:

Oakland Cemetery Monuments Restoration Project has been approved of $75,000 in grants. Grantsville Town Park Improvements Project has been awarded $14,400 as well which ill go toward improving the town park including installing a new batting cage, replacing the concession stand windows, replacing pavilion doors, and redoing the lines and adding sand surface at the volleyball courts for improved play and safety.

The Board has also approved a sale of timber to Sister Lumber Co. for $127,630.

With Allegany County:

The Board of Public Works approved $13,500 for the gutters and downspout of Barton Parks. These are going to be put on the two pavilions, a concession stand and four dugouts at Hill Street and Takoma Drive Parks in the Town of Barton to reduce flooding and increase usage.

American Hardwood Industries, LLC was awarded the contract for timber sale for $87,492.76

I am pleased that improvements will be made to our community and continue to make Appalachia Maryland the best in the State!