Senate Republicans Support Bipartisan Behavioral Health Legislation

February 17, 2022



Megan Miller, Communications Director

Annapolis, Md. – Today, Senate Minority Leader Steve Hershey and members of the Senate Republican Caucus joined their Democratic colleagues to announce a legislative package to improve behavioral health services in Maryland. Below are comments from the three Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee who will be working on this package of legislation.

“Behavioral health is not a partisan issue,” Senator Hershey said. “It seems that everyone has a family member or friend who is grappling with mental health or substance use concerns. We know from decades of experience that those with behavioral health conditions can and do recover and move on with their lives, but it was particularly hard to do so without assistance.

This package of bills helps ensure that any Marylander struggling with a behavioral health issue can get the treatment and support needed to realize the same things we all want in life: to be successful in school or at work, to enjoy close relationships with family and friends and to live a life of purpose.

We have a great community of providers who are willing and able to carry out this mission. We as legislators can help by providing policies that allow and encourage flexibility and innovation in meeting the needs of kids, adults and our seniors and by seeking the financial resources to ensure that a qualified workforce stands ready to do the work.”