OPPO Update

When Delegate Mike McKay created the Office of Post Pandemic Opportunities (OPPO), the goal all along was to help District 1C come back from the economic damage inflicted by the pandemic. Delegate McKay brought in former Allegany County Commissioner, Bill Valentine, to serve as the Development Coordinator and since then, the OPPO has been busy and seen some early success.

Coordinator Valentine worked with Allegany College of Maryland to create the Sparking Success course. Sparking Success is a 13-week, online course that teaches participants strategies for operating a post-pandemic business. The course gives business owners and understanding of internet sales and marketing in order to grow and promote their businesses. Mr. Valentine had little trouble filling the class and those who have participated have found the course rewarding and helpful.

The Office of Post Pandemic Opportunities wants to hear from you if you seek employment. Please send an email to billvalentine590@gmail.comcontaining your contact information, skill sets, and type of employment you are seeking. All information is kept confidential. Coordinator Valentine will search various employment opportunity sites and will get you information on opportunities that may fit your qualifications.

Recently, both Delegate McKay and Mr. Valentine toured the new ACM Maker Space facility. ACM offers training for numerous high-paying careers at this facility. Delegate McKay will be entering a House bill next Session looking for additional operating funds for the ACM facility. Mr. Valentine will continue to promote the facility to those seeking training in hi-tech welding, electrical, hydraulics, and many other professions.

Since March of 2020, Allegany and Washington Counties have lost approximately 2,000 and 5,500 members of their workforces respectively. We must rebuild our workforce. To do this, it will take determination and effort, while educating our students for the jobs and careers of tomorrow.