Office of Post Pandemic Opportunities

Today we are announcing the formation of the Office of Post Pandemic Opportunities. It will be headed by former Allegany County Commissioner, Bill Valentine. His official title will be the Development Coordinator for Post Pandemic Opportunities. The purpose of this office is to address the needs of residents in Allegany and Washington Counties for Legislative District 1-C as we come out of the pandemic.

Our intention with this new office, is to meet with local officials, organizations, businesses, community colleges, and others so as to help recover and create a more sustainable economy. With new ideas and partnerships, we can help educate our communities, which in turn can create an easier path to finding employment. Our office also plans to work with the Chambers of Commerce to help businesses find qualified employees and help them in getting the training that is needed for these potential employees. The tools we need are out there but for them to be efficient we just need coordinate and pull together.

Bill Valentine will be a great leader for this office as he is intimately aware of Allegany County’s needs and thus can, from day one, help with the organization and meeting of multiple resources and individuals to help get our community back to full strength. We will be having updates about this office and how you can get in contact with Mr. Valentine.