Office of Post Pandemic Opportunities

Since March of last year, we have experienced a pandemic unlike any other. It has taken a financial, mental, and emotional toll on our region, state, and country. That is not to mention the horrible loss of life we have suffered throughout this time as well. With many now out of work or in tough financial times, we must find ways to come together and help each other. That is why we have created the Office of Post Pandemic Opportunities.

With this new office, we wanted to help those that are struggling to find work and opportunities. Our office is headed by former Allegany County Commissioner, Bill Valentine as Development Coordinator. Mr. Valentine has worked continuously with county officials, business leaders, school officials, and other citizens to have a better bounce back of our community by the time the pandemic is over.

One of our many goals had been to help those unemployed gain the necessary skills needed to expand their businesses during (and after) the pandemic. Online business has become a necessity and a huge part of the economy during this past year, so it is important for our small businesses to expand as well. We have been able to partner with the Allegany County College of Maryland to have a Sparking Success Course. This particular course is only $49 to attend and is 13 weeks long. The course focuses on helping people and businesses grow and succeed with necessary skills needed to compete in this time.

What we want most of all is to continue to help you, the constituents, in this time. Unemployment is not just a financial toll on a person, it is a mental, emotional, and can even be a physical toll too. Many of our fellow citizens need guidance and we want to help them find it in whatever way we can. Please reach out to Bill Valentine and my office if you would like to know any more information or have any suggestions.