Mountain Ridge High School Lower Practice Field Improvements

Dear Honorable Senator(s) and Delegate(s):

It is a pleasure to inform you that the Department of Natural Resources has received a grant request for Program Open Space Local assistance in the amount of $45,000 from Allegany County for the Mountain Ridge High School Lower Practice Field Improvements project. This project proposes to install a stormwater drainage system and regrade the athletic fields for improved play and safety at Mountain Ridge High School for use by the school and general public. The total cost of this project is $50,000.

This project is consistent with Program Open Space objectives and funding was approved and appropriated by the General Assembly. However, Board of Public Works approval is necessary prior to the commitment of funds. This project will be submitted to the Board for approval in the very near future and if approved, the local government may begin at their earliest opportunity.

Your continued support and interest in improving the quality of our parks and recreation for the citizens of Maryland is greatly appreciated. If you would like to receive confirmation of approval or need any other information regarding this project, please contact me at (443) 534-8255.

Carrie Lhotsky
Land Acquisition and Planning

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