Letters to the editor: Valedictorian, salutatorian policy in question at WCPS

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New state senator says it’s a new beginning in Annapolis

To the editor:

A new administration, a new office, and new responsibilities. This is what is before all of us in District 1 as the 445th Legislative Session begins. Only 21 days into 2023 and so much has happened: Maryland has transitioned from one governor’s administration to a brand new one; I have taken on my new role as senator; and hearings for bills have already begun.

I am encouraged to see Maryland have a peaceful transition from a successful administration with Gov. Larry Hogan to now a new administration with Gov. Wes Moore. While we will not always agree on issues — some I know I will passionately fight against — I believed there will be things we can come together on, such as our veterans, seniors, and housing costs. I plan to join my colleagues in holding Gov. Moore on his pledge to not raise taxes, and my Democratic colleagues accountable for all their programs and bills they support. It is imperative to have good debate, to not rush into making unjust and unconstitutional laws.

To ensure good debate and to ensure that there is no rush into these laws, I am pleased that I will sit on the Judicial Proceedings Committee. So many important pieces of legislation will come through this committee, and I will have the opportunity to fully understand and realize what these bills are about. Senate Bill 1, for example, will severely restrict any person’s right to carry a weapon in Maryland. This is greatly concerning, and I will be sure to do everything in my control to not let it pass. I will have more on this bill later.

As your elected representative in Annapolis, I represent you. Please inform me of your opinions or concerns at any time. Email me at: mike.mckay@senate.state.md.us.

Sen. Mike McKayR-Allegany/Washington/GarrettCumberland, Md.