House Republican Caucus on Public Safety

The House Minority Caucus had a Zoom Press Conference yesterday on the subject of public safety. The Caucus introduced different pieces of legislation to combat the crime crisis in the state and particularly crimes of violence. One of the bills introduced is the No Bail for Violent Criminals Act of 2022. This bill would keep the repeat and violent offenders off the streets while awaiting trials. It prohibits bail for an individual charged with a violent crime if the individual has pending charges for a previous crime of violence. An example of this would have been the perpetrator of the Kenosha, Wisconsin Vehicle Attack back around Christmas.

Another bill being introduced is the Protecting Marylanders from Violent Crime Act of 2022. This requires all state and local correctional facilities to comply with ICE detainers for those convicted of violent crimes, terrorism, and participation in criminal gangs. We must eliminate all forms of sanctuary policies as they are a danger to our citizens and our country. Lacking cooperation inhibits federal investigations and takes up valuable resources that could be used for other important purposes.

I am in full support of all of the bills that are introduced this year (and every year) to protect our citizens and support our law enforcement. I will never join or support the “defund the police” movement. It has only hurt our officers and put our citizens in greater danger. The negative effect upon our police forces from last year’s anti-police laws that were called “reform legislation”. This year, however, the Municipal Police Accountability Boards Act of 2022-Municipal Corporations allows municipalities of to have their own accountability. This way the people have their own involvement in the process of complaints and accountability.

The goal is to have safer communities and a safer state. That is why I will fight for you, our police, and for the law.