Economic Stability Legislation Advances to Governor

HB1363 (Human Services – Two Generation Family Economic Security Commission) passed both the House and the Senate before our early adjournment. The bill now heads to Governor Hogan for his signature once the COVID-19 crisis subsides. Unfortunately, I feel that the coordination of these services will be more critical than ever as we support each other through this pandemic.

If you remember, the Economic Stability Commission, of which I am co-chair, hosted listening sessions throughout the state during the interim to hear from those receiving assistance, front-line service providers and other stakeholders on how best to deliver social services with the goal of helping individuals and their families achieve self sufficiency. The Commission put forward a bill to expand the 2Gen (Two Generation) service delivery model state-wide. The 2Gen approach is a holistic model that supports the entire family and brings together existing public service programs to meet the different needs of each member of the family.