Gov. Moore visits the Deep Creek Volunteer Fire Company

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MCHENRY — Newly elected Maryland Governor Wes Moore took a trip to Western Maryland on Monday, and his first stop was at the Deep Creek Volunteer Fire Company.

Gov. Moore took a tour of the facility and was shown the plans for the second-floor construction that would provide more basic needs for the fire company. The new expansion plans would include living quarters, meeting rooms, a training room, a call room, bath facilities, laundry facilities and a day room for members. Getting funding from the state budget would lead to this facility being constructed sooner.

District 1A state Delegate Jim Hinebaugh and District 1 state Senator Mike McKay also were in attendance.

“I just want to say ‘thank you’ to everybody here — to all of our commissioners, to all our volunteers and to our first responders who are out there leading the charge and keeping us safe every single day,” said Gov. Moore. “I am honored to be here. This is our first site visit since becoming governor and when we say ‘Leave no one behind,’ this is exactly what we mean.

“We want to let you know that you all have had our backs and we’re going to have yours.”

McKay then thanked the governor for visiting, saying that “…from day one you have delivered on that exactly what you said.”

Hinebaugh echoed McKay’s thoughts when taking the chance to speak to Gov. Moore.

“When you were first elected, there were some concerns in some of the more rural areas in this state about whether we would be left behind,” said Hinebaugh. “If you all knew how busy this guy [Gov. Moore] is, the fact that you took the whole day to come up here to Garrett County and then Lonaconing [Allegany County] next, that’s a big deal.

“If there’s any doubt about whether we mattered and whether we’d be left behind or not, I think he’s probably answered that, and I don’t think there’s anything to be worried about.”

Gov. Moore would later visit the town of Lonaconing to cap off the Western Maryland trip. There, he visited the Good Will Fire Company No.1 with Mayor Coburn, George Ternent Sons and George’s Creek Florist.

Deep Creek Volunteer Fire Company Information

The Deep Creek Volunteer Fire Company has served the McHenry area for over 50 years. It was established in 1966. The charter was incorporated, which makes it a company rather than a department. This was a decision made by the founding members.

The organization ran calls from the Wisp resort until the original fire station was built. In 2014, the fire company expanded by erecting a 60-foot-square, three-truck, drive-through bay facility.

The goal of the Deep Creek Volunteer Fire Company is to provide the best quality response and care for the community and its property. This is accomplished professionally through prevention, education and protection from life-altering emergencies.

The company is 100% volunteer and is dedicated to serving the community and the surrounding areas. The roster is always open, and anyone who feels the need to volunteer in the community is welcome to apply to become a member.

The company also heavily relies on community support for its operations. The operating budget each year accumulates to approximately $376,000, with 45% of the income derived from community support.