Election Day Means Election Day

“Republic. I like the sound of the word.” – John Wayne as Davy Crockett; The Alamo

We live in a Republic. One of the best forms of government, even though it is not perfect. With a Republic comes responsibility on the part of her citizens. American citizens must do their part, to not participate in their government is to cast aside the very freedoms and liberties we are given and guaranteed. The idea of a vote not mattering is to say that each star on the flag does not represents the States in our Nation. That being said, our elections must not be corrupted and not be subject to political machines.

It should be concerning to our entire country that Americans are losing confidence in our elections. Many feel their votes do not count, that they will not matter even if they do vote, or that their voice will never be heard. So, what can we do to make sure our votes count, are secure, and that our voices are heard? Keep voting and be involved in your government from the local to the national levels and hold your representatives accountable. We are a melting pot, and with that comes the many ingredients of ideas and backgrounds that make the flavor of America taste great.

I co-sponsored HB341- Election – Absentee Ballot Canvass – Start and Release of Tabulation to ensure that all of our voices are heard through our votes and that all votes are counted and confirmed by the end of election night. The volume of absentee ballots has increased over the years to the point that it is becoming difficult to count them all after Election Day and still meet the certification deadline. Passage of this legislation will help ensure the integrity of the 2022 election and clear the skies from a cloud on its horizon. Much like how Florida counts and confirms all votes by night’s end, so should we for Maryland. Gerrymandering should also be tackled to end the fears of voices not being heard. I am your voice and I represent you. What is your opinion?

Please email your thoughts to: mike.mckay@house.state.md.us

Thank you.