Department of Natural Resources Consider Grants For District 1

Today, the Board of Public Works will be considering two items that impact Districts 1B and 1C.  Specifically the following:

·       District 1B: A request from the Department of Natural Resources to commit $150,000 from the Program Open Space funding allocated to Allegany County for new artificial turf at Mountain Ridge High School

·       District 1C: A request from the Department of Natural Resources to grant $46,000 of Program Open Space statewide funds for the acquisition in fee simple of 20.94 +/- acres (Shaw property) in Allegany County.  The property, surrounded by Warrior Mountain Wildlife Management Area, is forested and will provide additional opportunities for hunting and other wildlife-dependent recreation. Acquisition of this inholding will improve boundary management.  It will be managed by the Maryland Wildlife and Heritage Service (Item 8A of the Department of Natural Resources’ Real Property Agenda).

We will keep you all updated after there is approval by the Department of Natural Resources.