Delegate Scholarships for the 2022-2023 Academic Year

Delegate Mike McKay’s Maryland House of Delegates Scholarship for the Academic Year 2022-23 Applications Available

Delegate Mike McKay has announced that 2022-2023  Maryland House of Delegates Scholarship Applications for District 1C are now available.

Students and their parents (if you are a dependent student) must be Maryland residents and reside in District 1C. You must enroll at a two-year or four-year Maryland college or university as a full-time (12+ credits per semester) or part-time (6-11 credits per semester), degree-seeking undergraduate or graduate student. A FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) financial package must be completed and submitted by March 1, 2022.  By using the federal site, there is no charge to complete the FAFSA form.

The House of Delegates are given an annual scholarship budget which is awarded to students who reside in their legislative district. The amount of the award is determined by a selection committee who may select students on a financial basis, as well as, academic excellence.

Scholarship applications must be postmarked by April 1, 2022, and mailed to: Delegate Mike McKay, 100N. Mechanic Street, Cumberland, Maryland 21502.  Please mark the envelope “Attn. Scholarship Fund”.  If you are emailing, please send to: Applications are also available from the Guidance Counselors in the local high schools.

For more information or questions, contact Linda Widmyer, Legislative Aide, at 240-362-7040.