Campaign for the State Senate Election

Dear Friend, 

Thank you so much for your early support of my campaign for the Maryland Senate in District 1. I made the official announcement with my family by my side at the Allegany County Fair, and I have been humbled by your faith in me. I know I have big shoes to fill following the retirement of Senator George Edwards, but I hope you will agree that my conservative record to Western Maryland demonstrates that I am up for the job. 

The campaign is off to a strong start, and I am writing to ask for your help. The 2022 Primary and General Elections are just around the corner. I am working hard to ensure that I have the resources I need to run a strong race so that I can continue representing you and our conservative Western Maryland Values in Annapolis. 

Would you be willing to chip in $10, $25, $50 or even $100 to support my campaign and help us meet our fall fundraising goal? 

Over the past two decades, I have been proud to serve the people of Western Maryland – first as President of the Allegany Board of County Commissioners and then for two terms as your conservative State Delegate for District 1C. Together, we have worked hard to establish a record of measurable success for our small towns and communities and ensure we are not forgotten in Annapolis. Below are a few recent highlights. 

  • I fought to secure more than $300 million for broadband expansion in Western Maryland and other underserved communities around the State
  • As Co-Chair of the Economic Stability Commission, I worked to streamline existing programs and champion the two-generation approach that focuses on parents and kids to strengthen our middle class
  • As the self-proclaimed “Dental Delegate,” I have passed a number of oral health initiatives to provide dental care for low-income senior citizens in rural communities
  • I worked to secure $2.5 million for the demolition of the old Allegany High School
  • Partnered with Senator Corderman to secure $60 million for a new multipurpose sports facility in Hagerstown
  • Worked with colleagues at the local and state level to secure $330,000 for Western Maryland Works to support provide training and education to those displaced from the Luke Mill 
  • Secured $160,000 for Spring Field Barn renovations in Williamsport

As a father and small business owner I share your hopes, dreams and fears about our future. I want our children to grow up in the land of the free because of the brave where people respect the flag and what it represents. I want Western Maryland to be a place where they have every opportunity to learn, work hard, thrive and one day raise their families and give back to their community. 

This is what I fight for in Annapolis, and I need your help. 

When I am Senator, I will continue to fight each and every day for our shared conservative and small-town values and advocate for:

  • Property Rights
  • Second Amendment Rights
  • Election Integrity
  • stopping Illegal Immigration
  • Back the Blue Rights
  • More Jobs
  • Lower Taxes
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Redistricting Reform
  • Less Regulation
  • Workforce Training
  • Strengthening the Middle Class
  • Economic Development
  • Rural Healthcare
  • Rejection of Critical Race Theory efforts 

I am committed to fighting for you, your family, and the values that define us.

Will you help me by contributing $10, $25, $50 or even $100 to my campaign? 

Thank you for your continued support through the years, and I hope to see you and your family very soon!

Yours in Service, 

Mike McKay

Delegate District 1C – Washington & Allegany Counties

Candidate for Maryland Senate – District 1