A Frozen Start to the 90-Day Session

We had quite the start to the 2024 Session, including some snow!

A Frozen Start to Session 2024!

Welcome to Snow Covered Annapolis

It’s been eight days, but already we’ve had an interesting start to the 446th Legislative Session in Annapolis! Two days have already been effected by the snow that has fallen across the state. While some people have been kept at home due to the weather, these workers never stopped working for the constituents who sent them to Annapolis.

A New Leadership Position

As many of you know I am so proud to have a great relationship with our Fire and EMS responders across District 1. Without the dedication, work, and selflessness, that they display everyday, we would not know what to do in the dangerous situations.

As such I have been a member of the Fire/EMS Coalition for the past few years. The Coalition is a bi-partisan make up of of Delegates and Senators who work together to help pass legislation that benefits our firefighters and EMS responders.

I am humbled and honored to be taking the helm from the Honorable Delegate Marvin E. Holmes, Jr. (District 23), who has stepped down from his leadership position after many years of great guidance. The voting members (the various Fire and EMS organizations working with the Coalition) unanimously voted me as the new head of the Fire/EMS Coalition. I know that there is a large amount of duty, leadership, and work that must be done to be the lead of an important group and will prepare myself to be ready for it.

Bills and Bills and…More Bills

Last year in the Senate I was a Freshman Senator and was able to get 9 of my 15 bills passed. As both a freshman AND a Republican one at that, I was very proud of that, and this year I plan on hopefully passing even more. This year (as of this very moment) I am submitting 30 bills for legislation. Besides the governmental business of our three counties, my legislation ranges in topics of dental care, labeling of foods or products with GMOs, Retiree State Prescription Drug Benefits, just to name a few. As the Session goes on I will go over some of these bills with you and give the status on them as they move through the legislative process.

Throughout this Session, I want to hear from you. I serve Garrett, Allegany, and Washington Counties and all of your voices are important to me. The best way to represent you is to have your voice heard. Please feel free to contact my Annapolis Office at (410) 841-3565 or my District Office at (240) 362-7040. My public email address is now mike.mckay@senate.state.md.us. Please feel free to email me at anytime. I also have a District Office at the Williamsport City Hall. It is on the second floor in the first office. Our mailing address below remains the same however.

I continue to be your voice and advocate in Annapolis so I want to hear from you. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or what I can do to help you. I am on the Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee and the Executive Nominations Committee. All of our hearings are streamed live on Youtube and the MGA website.